Rosznar Family Villa Battlemaps

Posted by Jason Hardin on June 24, 2019

Rosznar Family Villa Battlemap

These maps detail the Rosznar family villa in Waterdeep. I have slowly released sections of the map as I made them on my Patreon page over the last three months. These maps will be useful for anyone looking to run a game in Waterdeep and have the Rosznar family as benefactors or villains. If you go to my Patreon page you will find separate posts for each of the houses. I have listed each post below:

I have a map for each of the three levels of the tavern. I have also exported the maps into, probably too many, different formats. I export each map with and without lighting, with grids, gridless and a single square grid, three different resolutions, and pdf versions of the map in letter and A4 format (for US and EU players).

All of the assets in the maps are from the Forgotten Adventures asset packs. All of the maps and their various versions are free for anyone to use and follow the WoTC Fan Content Policy.

If people like the work, I would be overjoyed to have you become a patron and support me. I plan to continue to make free maps. Detailing the Realm’s Patreon page.