Iniarv's Tower Battlemap Collection

Posted by Jason Hardin on October 26, 2020

Iniarv's Tower Example battlemap I have created two versions of Iniarv’s Tower. I based the maps on the maps from Dungeon Magazine #73 pg 28. If you want to understand everything that is happening on the map, I recommend reading the magazine. There are two maps titled Iniarv’s Tower and Ruins of Iniarv’s Tower, and each has two floors. Use the Iniarv’s Tower map before the dragon Waervaerendor attacks the tower. Use the Ruins of Iniarv’s Tower after the dragon attack. The two floors on the map are the same except for damaged areas after the dragon attack.

  • Floor 1 - The main living and working area of the tower. There are stables, and a blacksmiths forge attached to the left and top walls. Two small rooms hold a boat, and the lower right tower area is where Sir Justin Melenikus and his group eat and plan.
  • Floor 2 - This is the tower’s ramparts with arrow slits in two towers and the area above the drawbridge entrance. The main tower is bare, and all of the wood is rotting. Each map is 34 X 24 squares. I exported each map with and without lighting, with grids, gridless and a single square grid, three different resolutions, high contrast, and pdf versions of the map in letter and A4 format (for US and EU players). All of the assets in the maps are from the Forgotten Adventures asset packs.