Rift Logitech G13 Profile

Posted by Jason Hardin on June 26, 2013

Rift Nightmare Tide

I wasn’t happy with the default Rift Logitech G13 profile so I modified it to what I wanted. My plan is ultimately to have M1 be a non pet class and M2 before pet class characters. I don’t have a character that is a pet class yet so all I have modified is the M1 key. I usually put jump on my extra mouse button, but with Rift I decided to put shift and alt there to give access to more quick toolbars. I updated my Rift keybinding to bind shift 1 to = to the second action bar and alt + 1 to = to the third action bar. Below is the keyboard layout for M1 as well as my mouse layout.

Rift Logitech G13 Keyboard Profile

Rift Logitech G13 Mouse Profile

Right click and select save as to download the Logitech G13 profile for Rift