Raspberry Pi XBMC Car Media Player

Posted by Jason Hardin on July 8, 2013

Ever since I got 2 Raspberry Pis I have been trying to figure out how to use them. One is a web server for development and the other has changed from project to project. Finally I set forth the idea of using a Raspberry Pi as an XBMC media center. We have had 2 Panasonic portable DVD players for several years now. We purchased them to keep our kids entertained on 12 hours car trips to see the grandparents. The biggest issue with the DVD player is that you have to contort your body to change the DVD after an hour or 2, aka 6 times on the drive. After one especially grueling trip I decided to use my spare Raspberry Pi with XBMC as a media center connected to the DVD players. The DVD players have an AV in jack for playing 1 DVD on both players. I could then use an XBMC remote app on my phone to control what my kids were watching without having to turn around. I have had a lot of snags along the way, but I am happy to say that the Raspberry Pi XBMC car media player has passed its first road test. Below is an image of the whole setup running in side my house.

Here is a diagram of what the setup looks like.

I am doing a full write up of how I created it as I have time. Right now it is a real rough draft, but at least it has the parts list up. I will post an update after it has gone on a 12 hour trip, for now I am really hopeful.