Revised RPI Car Media Center

Posted by Jason Hardin on July 30, 2013

After this last trip back home I have come up with a Revised RPI Car Media Center. After I had issues with the battery charger not charging I decided to just ditch it, the battery has a loose connection for charging you have to force is downwards to get it to work. This simplified the design a lot. Below is a diagram of the new connections.

RPI Car Media Center Device Connections Revised

It may look complex but it is actually pretty simple in the box. I actually remove the cell phone and plug it into another USB port just so I can take it out when we get out of the car. Xbian worked splendidly. It was able to handle the hard boot without any issues. It reconnected to the wifi as well this out trouble. Yaste also worked like a dream. We were able to do the 13 hour car trip without one issue, my self and my non technical wife. I have now moved on to buying Play Later to download more tv shows form Amazon prime instant video for my kids to watch in the car. I think i may end up being forced to upgrade the hard drive.