Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheets

Posted by Jason Hardin on June 14, 2015

Dungeons and Dragons

I have had the pleasure of role-playing in the Dungeons and dragons using the 5th edition rules for the last 3 months now with my regular gaming group. One of the things that bugged me about the game was the character sheet. It just wasn’t setup to provide the information you needed during play in one sheet or two with spell casters. A larger portions of the first page of most character sheets contain information you don’t need to reference that often like your character’s religion or class or background. Stuff you probably have memorized because it is easy to know, or information you use every time there is a new player in the group.

I made my own character sheets and focused on putting the stats that I most often referenced in a game on one page. I also move the spell page to the second page instead of having it as the last page because spell casters access this sheet often in game. I also created two versions of the sheet in order to remove the spell sheet for non casting classes.The first set below is for non-spell casters because it doesn’t have a spell page. The calculations sheet does as much of the calculations as I could even as you level for as many classes as possible.

Character sheet

Character sheet with calculations

This second set below is for the spell casters because it has a spell page on the second page. The calculations for this sheet are the same as the other calculations sheet, only it adds support for spell information like spellcasting ability, spells known and spells per level.

Character sheet with spells

Character sheet with spells and calculations

The links are all to google drive and will always be the most up to date version I have created. If you find any issues please contact me.