Waterdeep Fantasy Ground Module Release Notes

Posted by Jason Hardin on January 1, 2019

Waterdeep Fantasy Grounds Module


  • Added 11 more fences
  • Added new category of npcs Waterdeep NPCs: Fence Contacts
  • Added 6 fence contacts
  • Added all fences and fence contacts to the buildings the are usually located in. All should be interlinked
  • Added a pin for each fence and fence contact on the Waterdeep Locations: Fences map
  • Finished all of the Family crests
  • Releases should become more accurate. I wrote a release script which modifies all files that need to be modified and creates the DMs Guild zip file.


  • Fixed the pins in the DD Waterdeep Heist Player Maps


  • Fix several family crests that had improper sizing and backgrounds
  • Fixed the DD Waterdeep Dragon Heist.xml to add \@Waterdeep to the correct recordname xml tags.


  • Added all pins to the Waterdeep Dragon Heist player maps (ex. Waterdeep-E-Players) as well as the DM maps.


  • Added All locations map with all Waterdeep locations in one map.
  • Noble Family Crests Added: Zun, Zulpair, Wavesilver, Moonstar, Melshimber, Majarra, Konthont
  • Added links between Noble Villas and the family story page and notable npcs entries.
  • Added a few street scene tables to randomly generate street scenes if needed. Based off the add city system book.
  • New Battlemap for a small fighting pit under one of the taverns in Waterdeep, or connected tot he sewers.
  • Updated setup instructions for Dragon heist pins to be more specific and fix a mixed up yes and no.
  • Rotated images to keep building horizontal in all maps to reduce scrolling.
  • Resized all battlemaps to be 100 dpi instead of some being 100 and others being 200.


  • Added the setup instructions for waterdeep dragon heist pins
  • Fixed the family crests to have a white background
  • Added coming soon to family crests not present yet
  • Fixed test issues in the reference manual for incorrect html characters.


  • Initial Release