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  • Planetside 2 Logitech G13 Profile

    Planetside 2 Logitech G13 Profile

    I can€™t remember if the Logitech gaming software detects Planetside 2 and has a default Logitech g13 profile. Still, I either made a Planetside 2 Logitech G13 profile from scratch or customized the existing one based on the tutorials. The layout is your typical FPS layout with a few extra controls for when you are…

  • Firefall Logitech G13 Profile

    Firefall Logitech G13 Profile

    Since I just got my Logitech G13 gamepad, I have started making some profiles. I created a Firefall Logitech G13 profile because there doesn€™’t look like there are many out there in the community. At least I couldn€™t find them quickly. So I figured I would start adding them to my blog for later. This…