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  • Lost Ark Logitech G13 Profile

    Lost Ark Logitech G13 Profile

    I am releasing my Lost Ark Logitech G13 profile. The game is a solid MMORPG, but it can get repetitive in certain areas. I like the person island idea, and the story is interesting enough. I wish that the ending of each story arc didn’t end with a cut scene where your character is just […]

  • Sea of Thieves Logitech G13 Profile

    Sea of Thieves Logitech G13 Profile

    I created a Sea of Thieves Logitech G13 profile after picking up the game with some friends. The game is all about playing a pirate in open seas and islands. It is ok solo, but it shines when you play with friends and get into ship battles against others. The profile covers all of the […]

  • Artemel Villa Floor 1

    Artemel Villa Floor 1

    This map is of the first floor of all of the buildings in the Artemel Villa. I have tried to provide a purpose for all of the buildings along with how I see each of the rooms being used by the family

  • Artemel Villa Grounds

    Artemel Villa Grounds

    This area map shows the Artemel family villa grounds in Waterdeep off Sul Street. I expect dungeon masters will use area maps as an area overview.

  • Ulbrinter Villa Floor 2

    Ulbrinter Villa Floor 2

    Here is the final map for the Ulbrinter villa. The second floors of the buildings mostly house bedrooms.

  • Ulbrinter Villa Floor 1

    Ulbrinter Villa Floor 1

    These maps start the playable maps for the Ulbrinter villa and represent the first floor of the three buildings on the property.

  • Ulbrinter Villa Grounds

    Ulbrinter Villa Grounds

    Free maps for Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten realms setting for the Ulbrinter villa grounds in Waterdeep.

  • Uthtower Floor 3

    Uthtower Floor 3

    Finishing off the Uthtower above ground maps is the third floor after the tower has risen during the Eye of Myrkul in the Dungeon Magazine #73 adventure Eye of Myrkul. The description of the floor in the tower is on page 42 in the Dungeon Magazine. The floor is open to the sky and has a lot of rubble from the roof above collapsing.

  • Holk House Floor 3

    Holk House Floor 3

    All of floor 3 is only accessible from the west steps and the cloud in the middle is a portal to the underworld. The numbers in the DM’s map correspond to the descriptions in the dungeon magazine.

  • Holk House Floor 2

    Holk House Floor 2

    The NPCs living in the temple use this floor to rest in their private chambers. There is a weird fog coming out of the central room and a hidden treasure area in the northwest corner. The numbers in the DM’s map correspond to the descriptions in the dungeon magazine.