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  • Apple Pie BBQ Sauce

    Apple Pie BBQ Sauce

    Overview I started with the Sweet-and-Smoky Barbecue Sauce and added my extras to the sauce, like apple juice. I call it the Apple Pie BBQ Sauce because it reminds me of the spices and flavors in an apple pie. The sauce combines well with my Apple pie rub. Ingredients Optional Ingredients Instructions Makes It should […]

  • The Secret World Logitech G13 Profile

    The Secret World Logitech G13 Profile

    I received access to The Secret World this week as part of their try out the game offer. As with every other MMORPG my first step was to make a Logitech G13 profile that worked for me. I put together 2 profiles for The Secret World, The Secret World Logitech G13 Profile for DX11 and The Secret World Logitech G13 Profile, because the executable is different for the game based on your graphics settings.

  • Tera Logitech G13 Profile

    Tera Logitech G13 Profile

    I recently started playing Tera since it went free to play and I saw a sale on for the collector€™s edition. The Logitech included profile is crap in my opinion. They do the same thing they always do and put the movement keys on both the keyboard and joystick.

  • Lord Of The Rings Online Logitech G13 Alternate Profile

    Lord Of The Rings Online Logitech G13 Alternate Profile

    After playing more and more with the Logitech G13 I have grown accustom to having the movement keys on G4 and G10-12. The Lord of the Rings Online Logitech G13 Profile I had created originally used the joystick for movement.

  • Rift Logitech G13 Profile

    Rift Logitech G13 Profile

    I wasn€™t happy with the default Rift Logitech G13 profile so I modified it to what I wanted.

  • Borderlands 2 Logitech G13 Profile

    Borderlands 2 Logitech G13 Profile

    I grabbed a copy of Borderlands 2 when it was on sale at Steam. I really hate the default profile for most games on the Logitech G13. I created a Borderlands 2 Logitech G13 profile. I wrong my copy of the profile to make it more like the other first-person shooters I play. Below is […]

  • Blacklight Retribution Logitech G13 Profile

    Blacklight Retribution Logitech G13 Profile

    I started playing Blacklight Retribution when I saw it was free to play. The game was fun, but I didn’t find a default Logitech G13 profile. I created a Blacklight Retribution Logitech G13 profile to take advantage of the keyboard in the game, making it easier to play. Below is a screenshot of my keyboard […]

  • Defiance Logitech G13 Profile

    Defiance Logitech G13 Profile

    I started playing Defiance, and I am using my Logitech G13. Since there wasn€™t an existing profile, I just made my Defiance Logitech G13 Profile. The profile is my standard FPS layout. I put the social menu on the joystick to make it easy to access those menus. I think the Esc key is probably […]

  • Apple Pie Rub

    Apple Pie Rub

    My wife and her mother like sweet barbecues. I came up with the following rub I have called the Apple Pie Rub to meet their taste buds. I have used it on beef, pork, and tofu with success. I wouldn’t suggest it for chicken or fish, however. I call this the apple pie rub because […]

  • Masterbuilt Smoker Modifications

    Masterbuilt Smoker Modifications

    I recently bought a Masterbuilt 2-door propane smoker. During my first smoke session I had several problems with my Masterbuilt smoker. They were: Themometer didn’t work after 200 °F, Smoke came out every where, and Wood chips burned out really fast. I made some modifications