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  • Uthtower Sunken

    Uthtower Sunken

    Continuing with maps from the Mere of Dead Men adventures this map is of the swamp lake around Uthtower. The map is for the last Adventure in the series Eye of Myrkul from Dungeon Magainze #73. The darker area in the middle of the map is where the tower will rise in the coming maps. I used the map to turn the encounter with the Darktentecles and Sewerms.

  • Uthtower Floor 1

    Uthtower Floor 1

    This map is of the first floor of Uthtower after it has risen during the Eye of Myrkul in the Dungeon Magazine #73 adventure Eye of Myrkul. The tower is just an island in the lake of the swamp from the previous post Uthtower Sunken.

  • Iniarv’s Tower Battle map Collection

    Iniarv’s Tower Battle map Collection

    I have created two versions of Iniarv’s Tower. I based the maps on the maps from Dungeon Magazine #73.

  • The Sleepy Slyph In Waterdeep

    The Sleepy Slyph In Waterdeep

    I have created a collection of free Battle map of the Sleeping Slyph in Waterdeep. Neither TSR nor WoTC have published an official map of the Sleepy Slyph. These Battle map are, therefore, original.

  • Modular Buildings

    I have created a collection of free Battle map that of a single floor of a building. The first floor maps connect to the second-floor maps by either a set of stairs at the top of the map or the middle of the map. Dungeon Masters can swap out the first or second floor to make many combinations of two-story buildings.

  • Rosznar Family Villa

    Rosznar Family Villa

    These maps detail the Rosznar family villa in Waterdeep. These maps will be useful for anyone looking to run a game in Waterdeep and have the Rosznar family as benefactors or villains. If you go to my Patreon page you will find separate posts for each of the houses.