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  • Rift Logitech G13 Profile

    Rift Logitech G13 Profile

    I wasn€™t happy with the default Rift Logitech G13 profile so I modified it to what I wanted.

  • Blacklight Retribution Logitech G13 Profile

    Blacklight Retribution Logitech G13 Profile

    I started playing Blacklight Retribution when I saw it was free to play. The game was fun, but I didn’t find a default Logitech G13 profile. I created a Blacklight Retribution Logitech G13 profile to take advantage of the keyboard in the game, making it easier to play. Below is a screenshot of my keyboard […]

  • Neverwinter Logitech G13 Profile

    Neverwinter Logitech G13 Profile

    Since I have a lifetime membership to Champions online I was able to get into the beta weekend for Neverwinter. After playing 10 minutes I put together a Logitech g13 profile. The layout is simple because Neverwinter€™s controls are simple.